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Thursday Night Fever

March is almost over, yet spring is nowhere in sight. Or is it? Good thing is, in Second Life you just make it so if and when you like. Or you skip spring and jump right into summer. (After all you can always change your mind and go back to easter bunnys whenever it comes to mind.)

So, having hunted down this funky rainbow coloured skybox (The Groove) at the 70’s hunt, I decided to change into something breezy and invite Natascha over for a cocktail or another in my new home.

There are more pictures of the bar: Post about the [what next] Retro Bar&Stool with Cocktail Serving Trays. Find it for 50 L at the Marketplace.

Nice 'n easy_009

The Groove‘s window glas comes with a color-change menu  such as frosty or fire, but I like rainbow best 🙂

Nice 'n easy_012

High up in the sky …

Nice 'n easy_014

If you have missed out to date, the 70’s hunt is still on until March 31st!

Check out hints and items here:

Oh, and when you’re sitting there taking it nice and easy, good things can happen to you, such as beta versions of awesome planes landing in your friend’s inventory …

Nice 'n easy_028

But that’s a story for Natascha to tell 😉

2 responses to “Thursday Night Fever”

  1. Grooovy:) …And I’m far, far away with my head up in the clouds…lalalala:)

    1. Ooo-la-la-la, shoo-ub doo-ub … Weeeee!

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