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Worlds Rising: Book 1

speculative fiction adventure

Worlds Rising started out as a NaNoWriMo project a few years back. But it wasn’t until I had already put it up on that I realized I wasn’t giving credit to the story’s potential if I limited it to one book with a mere 50.000 words.

So I took it down within the week and started rewriting the whole affair, thus creating new characters and changing some existing ones. Giving them more background and ways to grow.

What started out as a stand-alone has turned into book 1 of at least two. The version on this website has yet to be revised by an editor, but if you feel adventurous enough–have yourself a read while it’s still here 🙂

Do feel free to comment, share and leave a like under each episode if you enjoyed it. It is much appreciated <3

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Book 1

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