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SL Sci-Fi Con 2015: Highlights Part 1

So you think Science Fiction is all about spaceships and death stars, about androids, cyborgs and nanobots, monsters and shapeshifters. About laser sword wielding heroes and mind crunching antagonists.

Think again.

On Wednesday afternoon Mirage Plaid and Tara De Vries of Bright Metallic invited everybody to a reading of Mary Robinette Kowals The Lady Astronaut of Mars published by and nominated for the Hugo Awards in 2013.

on the left: Trolley Trollop, sitting: Mirage Plaid, Tara De Vries, Ariadne Fall
Mr. Senet, Trolley Trollop, Mirage Plaid, Tara De Vries

At 3 pm SL-Time (which was midnight where I live 😉 ) a group of literature friends gathered at Phloston Paradise at the SL Sci-Fi Convention 2015 to listen to Trolley Trollop putting all her heart into her fantastic reading.  More than one listener was brought to tears.



One of the nice things in Second Life is the possibility to meet people from around the world. So, though for some of us it was way past our bed time and others were busy making the Con such an enjoyable event there was time for a little chat after the reading. I loved meeting you all and am looking forward to more exciting, fun, joyful events for the remainder of this year’s Con. See you! 🙂

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