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Join the group: Joeys Café

Do you know the feeling? When you just can’t figure out, which version of a picture you like best? This time was really tough on me. But problems only let you get creative so …

Ta-daaa! My first Warhol-esque meshup done with the G’MIC filters Bokeh, Hope Poster, Multi-Layer Sketch:

(click to view full size):


Well, anyway what this post really is about is the new SL-group Joeys Café. Café, lounge, meeting point for all things book, music and art. You’ll find a group joiner inside the café and it’s FREE to join, of course!

Upcoming events:

  • Release-party for my new Thriller “Trau mir nicht!”, Sunday, 27th September 2015
  • Reading from the book at the FDL “Fest der Liebe” 2015, Sunday, 4th October 2015


2 responses to “Join the group: Joeys Café”

  1. Holla die Waldfee! Das ja mal sowas von gut geworden!

    1. Dankeee 🙂

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