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Scare Me-Challenge – Day 3!

I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Pumpkinhead!

You think you can go stray around the witches’ sabbat trail, talking to pretty little witches, hoping you can make friends with them. Maybe make a little whoopie, too? Huh? HUH?!

Day 3_002

Have you forgotten all about our cozy little home? Your wee little bats waiting for their Uncle Pumpkin?

And what about your faithful wife, huh? What about ME, HUH?!

Just you get home, my friend, and I’ll teach you!

Day 3_011

Duh, can you believe it? There is Nat and me, trying to make this Scare Me-challenge, and on Day 3 up comes a pumpkin man and almost ruins it all. Of course with him talking, and boasting, and bragging without ever getting to a point much less an end – of course that put us back. But we will not be defeated by minor obstacles, will we?

Anyway …

This time the location is on top of my very own skybox where I put up one of the buildings from my inventory and stacked it with some fire wood and furniture from Alley’s Cannibal Island (0 $L).

To my utter shame I can’t tell you much about my outfit, because practically all I am using or wearing comes from my inventory and I don’t always remember where I got them.

The Halloween Swarm of Bats swirling around me was a 2014 halloween gift from the Eve Avatar Shop.

The puncture teeth and the Samurai combat HUD I already used on Day 1 and Day  2.

Eyes: Event Horizon – Orange by VerseEye were a hunt item I think.

The Pumpkin Dress by {NaYu} was a Halloween Special from 2014.

The glowing bracelets were a 2014 Halloween freebie by NaTaS.

And try as might I coudn’t find the pumpkin face paint on the marketplace. I got it in 2014 and I think it was a Freebie or hunt item.

Now … I gotta run. Otherwise I will miss out on some terrific birthday cake. See you soon!

5 responses to “Scare Me-Challenge – Day 3!”

  1. Die Frau vom Kürbismann, ahahahaha… Klasse Joey!

    1. Daaankeee :))

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