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NaNo here, NaNo there, NaNoWriMo everywhere

Writing is fun, writing is tough, writing is gruesome, writing is relaxant. Writing is all that and more. Most of the time it’s a business of you and your respective writing tool. But once every year comes a time when writers from all over the world leave their secluded hiding places and gather together — virtually and real — and do what they like best, together: they write. They create.

Something out of nothing, 50.000 words in 30 days.

But, what’s the point in writing together, you might ask. Doesn’t that distract you more than give you benefit? Well, the thing is, in SL you can have both: get together and write to yourself. Look here:

Write-In Day 3_003

Write-In Day 3_006

You say ‘Hi’, you chit-chat a little, you write a lot. Set the timer to be back in twenty minutes. Have a cup of coffee, grab a donut, virtual and/or real, joke around a while and then set back to work. It’s fun 🙂

Write-Ins at Joeys Café every day 20:00 CET


Write on! 🙂

2 responses to “NaNo here, NaNo there, NaNoWriMo everywhere”

  1. Da sitzt ein Minizylonenroboterevilcutedancemachine Dings aufm Tisch:)

  2. Je nu, ist halt eine weltenumspannende Angelegenheit 🙂

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