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Happy Easter!

Golly, those sneeze-bugs and cough-critters all around really kept me. But I’m all set now with all that cough sirup …

… So … I’m done …

Well … I did get that right, though, didn’t I? The boss did say ‘Go, paint the egg box!’, didn’t he?


Well, anyway! HAPPY EASTER, everyone!

(Psst: In case, you’re still looking for the perfect ride for the occasion: Go look for the Easter Egg Promo Car by AIKIOTO. It’s a 0L Freebie inworld  or 10L at the Marketplace)

2 responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. Dir auch schöne Ostern liebe Joey… mit vielen schönen bunten Eiern 🙂

  2. Happy Eeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaster Joey:)

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