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Machinima: Derendered

Well, it has been almost a week since the first screening of DerenderedTHE most colourful machinima ever from Randt & Hoisan Productions.

There was poetry, there was the screening, there was music, party and laughter. There was joy 😀


Lucky me got to participate as an extra once again so I did have an inkling of what lay ahead. But as always the actual machinima exceeded all expectations. It’s beautiful, it’s rich, it’s artistic, it’s no less then love of life.


But it’s not the ‘suck it up and deal with it’-kind of living. It’s the ‘I ain’t taking your bullshit anymore’-way. The message is clear: Fiercely protect beauty and kindness and wipe away all that is ugly, presumptuous and downright evil. Surround yourself with friends who make you stronger!


In a virtual world that’s just as easily done as said: ‘Derender, I say. Begone!’ And that’s what you do. Nobody could have put it into words more playfully or heartfelt than Karima Hoisan. She once again speaks simple truths that are so hard to come by — with complete ease of a true poet. I guess, I’m a fan, Karima 😀


Of course a machinima is more than the sum of its parts: a poem put into pictures, pictures made to move. Its Natascha Randt’s artist’s eye, her courageous wielding of camera and lights that make all the difference between a simple video recording and this piece of art. Way to go, Nat!


I know I am boasting, but I’ve got to tell you: I love being part of these collaborations between the two of them, even when all I ever do is show up with a costume and hop on a pose ball 😉


What’s the bottom line of all this? Be kind, treasure your friends, love the hell out of life and — just derender all that which is trying to keep you away from the good things.

“If only it where as easy in real life,” you say? Well, try it! It might just work 😉


And here it is:


6 responses to “Machinima: Derendered”

  1. Aww, Joey, thank you so much for your kind and true words and also for the really great pictures!
    The screening was so exciting and fun too and, being honest, you are not only an extra, you are one of the best supporter and a very good friend of the team!

    1. Why, thank you 😀 Hugssss

  2. Hat dies auf Digital Rabbit Hole rebloggt und kommentierte:
    This is a great post with some beautiful pictures from the blog, Joey’s Cafe. about our screening of “Derendered”

  3. I echo Nat’s words, Joey. You are very much part of The Team, and we love having you on each new project…like the one we just started brainstorming while dancing with you last night:) The photographs are just gorgeous too. Thank you for your positive and very supportive friendship, and…gosh I am honored if I have you as a “fan” too. That inspires me to always give you my best;)

    1. I’m sure you already do, Karima 🙂 Here’s to many more projects I may witness. Hugsss!

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