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[continued from here]

Brandon was totally freaked out.

Though it looked nothing out of the ordinary, this place was weird as hell, what with everybody being so darned secretive while making ominous remarks. He wasn’t having any of it anymore. He was getting out of here – now!

The bartender was just approaching him, but Brandon jumped up and bailed.

Outside the bar the streets looked deserted with long shadows lurking in doorways and back yards. Muffled sounds from traffic on the main street a few blocks down and the railroad rumbling overhead made him feel even more isolated. Despite the late hour the air was still hot and humid, but an icy shiver kept crawling up his neck.

Heading for the small garage where hopefully his car was fixed and ready to go, he got out his cell and hit redial. Where in all forsaken worlds was Luigi – Carlos – whatever?
›The person you have called…‹ – Oh, forget it!

To top it all up he found the garage shuttered with lights out and the shop sign buzzing and flickering on and of. He let out a frustrated groan when suddenly he heard a bicycle coming up from behind and before Brandon knew it someone bumped his shoulder, an arm snaked up beside him and his phone was snatched right out of his grip.

»What the … hey, you! Gimme back my phone, you little …!«

For crying out loud, what was a highschool kid doing out on the streets in the middle of the night? Stealing his frickin’ phone!

Brandon picked up the pace and ran after him, newfound determination fuelling his speed. He needed his phone if he was ever going to get out of this dump! He was defenitely not letting the kid get away with it.

Pumping his feet, balling his fists and breathing heavily he followed the thug down the road, through a narrow passage and into a graffiti-smeared impasse. ›Gotcha!‹ Brandon crowed inwardly. But the kid hopped off the bike and it clattered to the ground while he took off through a hole in the back wall. Bright neon light quickly swallowed him up.

»Stop!« Brandon yelled friutlessly and raced after him. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he was not about to let up now.


[to be continued!]

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