Happy Thanksgiving 2018

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In response

Nat posted this article the other day (or shall we say ‘rant’, a bit of sarcasm there, anyways 😉 ) and before I knew it this year’s Thanksgiving group gift from Dench Design flew into my inventory, and now I know why Nat took her picture like she did 🙂

So here I am, waving back to Nat from my own cosy armchair and raising my cup: I’m thankful for friendships, fun and happy moments in SL and RL!

In related news I keep dreaming of a better graphics card. Editing SL snapshots goes a long way though, even with my old crappy equipment:

Starting out from this:

Thanksgiving 2018 Snapshot

I added a little magic via High Pass filter, Unsharpen Mask and Gaussian Blur to get to here:

Thanksgiving 2018 pic with al little editing

Actually, I am finally getting the knack of using the path tool, too, which is really fun once I stopped tripping over my own feet there 😉

Touching up the result with a bit of Color Gradient, some Glow and finally some squeaky Color Abbreviations and voilà!

In response

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(even if my post is late for the occasion)

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Joey:)

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