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Seba Sideways is Back! @ The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar

Party on folks! Celebrate with us the SL- Comeback of Seba Sideways, musician extraordinaire in RL and SL, on FRIDAY, 19th 2019 in Kari’s New Kantina del Mar!

Nat has already blogged it here (in German) and for those of you who don’t yet follow hers or Karima’s blog (you absolutely should!) here is what Karima wrote:

4 responses to “Seba Sideways is Back! @ The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar”

  1. What a great photo Joey!! Thank you so much for reblogging these. Hope to see everyone on Friday grooving to the sounds of Seba’s sax and enjoying a bit of sea breeze too:):) After the show, there is a bull ride competition, with a 1000L prize! Come and have fun with us on Friday 12 noon at The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar!!

    1. Thank you, Karima. My pleasure!

      @1000L prize: Aha, thanks for the heads up! I better go practice bull riding before, then 😉

  2. You can practice all you want but scores only count after the show:)

    1. Hehe, alright!

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