Season's Greetings, (c) Joey SL 2019

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Season’s Greetings

Dear Reader,

it’s the time of the year when commercial spots and advertising remind us again and again, wherever we walk (or log in), to be happy, joyous and — most of all — to live in peace and harmony with one another. Naturally, we all know were this is coming from: It’s the season of costly gifts and fine dining, so spend yo’ money already!

Or is it?

Partially, this is true, don’t kid yourself. For many people the season’s traditions have little to do with peace and harmony or sentimental feelings. Especially, if you’re not a Christian or even religious in the first place. The season is dominated by bright, blinking lights and abundant decorations, by crowded city streets and parking lots, by spending money and racking your brain about suitable gifts. Or — worst of all, by feeling lonely.

But even then might there be also a sense of connection. To friends, family and colleagues, which, strangely enough, does not necessarily come from shared religious beliefs or expectations. All these superficial season’s spectacles have a way of worming themselves into ones consciousness, easing the mind and putting you in the mood for sharing and meeting with loved ones.

The season is not all about Christmas Eve. Never forget: Jesus would not be celebrating Christmas. He would be celebrating Hanukkah — which starts today by the way.

The season is about hope for peace and harmony first and foremost. So let’s not forget about those, who feel alone, and those who live in fear and constant threat. Let’s do our best throughout all other seasons to make this world a place of joy and harmony for everyone. Be compassionate, have an open heart and open ears for those who are less lucky than you. And don’t forget, everyone is precious. So are you. Do what you can and don’t overexert yourself.

To this end, I wish to you for the coming days a warm, cozy place to recharge your energies and refill your heart with hope and strength, with friendship and compassion.

Season's Greetings, (c) Joey SL 2019

May your days be filled with harmony and laughter, plenty of good food and warm feelings. Peace!

2 responses to “Season’s Greetings”

  1. Frohe Weihnachten und so, Joey 😉

    1. Das wünsche ich dir auch! Hugssss!

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