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Sorry, I’m not playing

It’s the day after the weekend, and I had a lot of time to mull over some weird stuff. Some of it sad news, some of it mind-boggling and some of it probably downright crazy. Some of what I learned triggered my writerly brain, which can, as you might have guessed, lead to some eery scenarios.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, maybe even if you only stumbled upon it today, I think it’s save to assume we can agree on one premise: Life is extraordinarily weird. I won’t delve into this, one just needs to take a look around, not even a close look, and you see what I mean.

It all makes sense, of course, once you adopt the theory that we’re all living in a simulation. Think Sims 4 (5, whatever). You’ve all heard about players building a pool only to throw their Sims in without a ladder to get out… Personally, I never did anything like that, because the thought gives me the creeps. But, yeah, I saw it done on YouTube and that was probably not the first or last time somebody did that. So, who’s to say nobody is gonna play us like that? Seems to me, that’s exactly what’s happening out there.

Which brings me to the thought, in a simulated universe, what happens once a simulated entity becomes conscious of the fact that it’s simulated? What happens if groups of simulated entities become conscious of the fact that there are others out there who are conscious of that fact? Might that create a new, cross-linked consciusness of interconnected sub-consciuosnesses? And might that change the game? Like, Schroedinger’s cat collaborating with the observer?

Nevertheless, all this thinking doesn’t make any of you or me feel less real. I am obviously conscious of myself, so even if this is a simulation, it’s a sophisticated one. As a human being and as the avatar of a human being I get to meet people (some of who claim they’re only avatars, not human, so who am I to judge) who to me are just as real as my next door neighbor. They have a life, with families, jobs and real life problems. You get to know them, even if you’re not close you feel connected, as humans will, and then one day you might hear, they have left the building. Took the train. Passed away.

What happens to a consciousness once the vessel is terminated? I don’t know. Maybe they regroup in another simulation. If so, may it be a saner one than the one currently running.

My condolences go out to Tubeguy’s family.

image: 'Not on my shift', (c) JoeySL 2020

Other than that: FCK Covid 19. I’m not playing!

2 responses to “Sorry, I’m not playing”

  1. I have always thought that finding out I was a character in a simulation would not change anything for me at all. I would still give it my all, and hope The Programmer would stay very interested in having my character continue in they’re story:) Very cool post Joey…thought provoking!

    1. Ha, yes, I feel that way, too, most of the time, Karima. A simulation that can’t be discerned from reality becomes reality. So really, nothing changes 🙂

      Thank you!

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