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The Natascha Randt Memorial on Kitely -Virtual Worlds

The Natascha Randt Memorial on Kitely–Virtual Worlds on Demand is now open. A lot of work and love has been poured into this to give everyone an impression of Nat’s creative output and captivating personality. If at all possible, do visit and give yourself a chance to replay all those memories that will stay forever in our hearts.

Blue Skies, Nat!

5 responses to “The Natascha Randt Memorial on Kitely -Virtual Worlds”

  1. Thank you Joey and thank you too for your beautiful area you made for you and Nat and your collaborations and fun times too. I never knew that Nat was such a good hula dancer either hehe. I am hoping a few brave WordPress members with fast computers, might give it a try to make an avatar and see it all in person. Dale and I took the whole tour last night..Alhamdulillah it’s working beautifully:) Hugs thank you for being such a loved friend of Nat’s and for building your beautiful area on her Memorial. Big Hugss.. Yes, Nat Flew West… The sky always called to her.

  2. My pleasure, Karima! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to participate in your world. It has been a wonderful experience doing this with you and Dale. So much harmony and shared compassion and the mutual friendship to Nat <3 Hugss!

    1. I agree and I know Dale does too ❤️ It was an amazing shared experience with Natascha in the center of all our creating…Just beautiful..

    2. Thank you so much for your work on it; it’s a lovely tribute indeed.

      1. Thank you, Dale! As always you making the things move–chairs, planes, cars, pictures–makes all the difference 😊

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