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Picture me poetical

Karima Hoisan reading her poem ‘Whale Song’

On Saturday, May 16 I was invited to a reading of the formidable poet Karima Hoisan. What a pleasure! Although I had known Karima for little less than a year, when she so warmly welcomed me to the LINC Island-Family, and I feel we have become friends since then, I somehow never managed to be inworld for one of her performances. Of course I have watched many films she and Nat produced together, and read many of her poems, so I know well her beautiful timbre and her poetical thoughts. Yet hearing her live and in person was a much deeper experience!

Please go listen to her Video-poem Whale Song on Karima Hoisan’s Blog Digital Rabbit Hole to get a glimpse of this!

This was only one of the works she presented at the ‘Art Walk’-Event at Raglan Shire. All of her poems were captivating, sometimes haunting, sometimes light-spirited, always drawing the listener into her her paintings of words — or shall I say lyrics? Hear for yourself, Karima has uploaded an mp3 on her blog!

Having been known as an occasional Tiny as well as a human avatar, Karima invited her friends and newcomers to attend as Tinys, but all avatars are welcome to the  Raglan Shire Art Walk. It’s still on, so go have a look or two!


And while you’re at it: Don’t miss out on the fun, go catch a fun ride with the hedgepillar tour at the Raglan Shire Art Walk:




Thank you for this, Karima! And thanks to all those who make this event happen. And as it had been stated once or twice:


4 responses to “Picture me poetical”

  1. What an awesome description of the event, Joey! Whale Song is one of Karima’s poems
    which let me always burst into tears. Thanks a lot for this great article.

    1. I knooow, I even cried again today when I listened to the Mp3.

  2. Thank you so much Joey for your GREAT post about your impressions of my reading. I loved your photos and would like permission to “steal” a few for own post 🙂 Your made an adorable patchwork giraffe too:) I am so glad you enjoyed it and thank you again for your very positive feedback! Big hugs and deep appreciation for your depth and understanding of my poetry.

    1. I enjoy it so much every time I hear or read your poetry, Karima. Please feel free to use any of the pictures, whenever you want 🙂 Hugs!

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