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THE TEAM: Chasing A Butterfly

Chasing A Butterfly

They did it again! Natascha Randt and Karima Hoisan aka THE TEAM made another film for the 2015 UWA machinima challenge. It’s their 17th collabroation in filmmaking — wow! And this time we really lucked out because it nearly wouldn’t have happened. But they took turns in luring their respective donkeys with the perfect carrot … and here it is!


And what a film they made! I am awestruck. It is special, it is different from all their works up to date, it is beautiful. Soulful lyrics, written and performed by Karima in her ever so captivating voice, visualized by Natascha in dreamlike pictures and all molded into one perfect film. Two people connected so deeply that distance can’t seperate them. It’s just one little step … Impossible? Not for those who are determined to overcome any obstacle, any barrier to be together. And so the artists’ real lives, their dreams, their film and the poem become one.

Watch directly on YouTube:

Imagine having missed out on this … no, don’t, just don’t do that 🙂

I even had the honour of taking a wee little part as pilot of that plane you see in the film poster. So I was among the lucky ones who were invited for the sneak preview which was also the premiere yesterday evening (well, for me it was 😉 ) on LINC Island. And, naturally, I brought some pictures 🙂

3 responses to “THE TEAM: Chasing A Butterfly”

  1. Joey, thank you for this great post, and I want to say that without your expertise piloting and take-off skills, one of our most poignant scenes in the beginning, would not have been possible!
    Thank you too for your enthusiasm with what we do as The Team and your unconditional support of us. I am happy to “share” Tante Nat with you, and enjoy the wonderful sci-fi projects you create together!

    1. Haha, expertise … Well, Tante Nat helped a little with that 😉
      I am glad I met you and some other wonderful people through her. I wouldn’t want to miss any of the great work and events you create!

  2. […] Und bei Joey, die auch bei der Premiere dabei war. Nicht nur weil sie Pilot der DC-3 war (eine Schlüsselszene), vor allem, weil eine verdammt gute Freundin ist: THE TEAM: Chasing A Butterfly […]

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