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Scare Me-Challenge – Day 5!

In a world of greed and violence dark things grow and prosper, that no one will speak of but under their breath, behind well barred doors. Out there, in the twilight of forsaken places, monstrous creatures hide — only to come out at night and hunt.  Woe betide those who stray from their paths, for to get lost in the hunting grounds of HER will be the last thing they do …

Black Widow_006

See her lurking in the shadows … waiting … waiting … for a hapless wanderer in this  unholy hour.

Black Widow_008

Do you hear her murmuring? Calling on her eight-legged offspring? Whispering to them with luring promise … Oh no, I fear she spotted you!


Black Widow_019

“Come my little ones — tonight we will feast upon this sapful prey!”

Well, bon appétit, everyone!

My Black Widow, Queen of Spiders, is wearing SHORT HALTER DRESS– FREE GRUNGY HALLOWEEN DRESS including dress and high heeled boots by EXTAL, 0 L$

Eyes: *TSM* Possession Eyes from my inventory, probably a hunt gift

Hair: EMO-tions *JUDY*, group gift

Tattoo: Black Widow Appliers by Renegade Kitty Designs, Marketplace, 10 L$

Necklace: Alienbear’s Halloween 2011 gift (Black Widow necklace NT), Marketplace, 0 L$

Location: PsiNanna, Inc. Wood Scaffolding, 0 L$-gift from the 2015 SL Sci-Fi Convention

URBAN BILLBOARD, by Dv8ion, Marketplace, 0 L$

Trash: Dutchie gift, 0 L$, from my inventory

2 responses to “Scare Me-Challenge – Day 5!”

  1. Hülfeeeeee, die schwarze Witwe such ihre Opfer…*wegrenn*

  2. Rennn nnnurrr, wirrr krrriegennn dichchch …


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