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Scare Me-Challenge – Day 6!

Wait, wait, waaa-it …

Vampyre Bat Demon_014

What’s all the hurry, guys? Really … Relax, for cryin’ out loud.

Vampyre Bat Demon_008

Sheesh, look at ’em. All a-flurry and a-hastin’ …

Vampyre Bat Demon_005

Cool it, guys, we got tiiime …

Well, I don’t know about this Vampire bat, but I am in sort of a hurry here. Only one week to Halloween, my inventory is bursting with Halloween items and today is almost over. Better get going now, so this post is up sometime around midnight!

Location: On top of my skybox, Twisted Qi Gong Temple from Sweet Revolutions, hunt item from one of the various ongoing Halloween hunts.

Swarm of bats: the same as in my previous post here

Mesh Ladies Leather Jacket and Shorts Thigh Zip by BRII, from my inventory

Sleepy Hollow Demon Hooves by [Gauze], from a 2014 Halloween hunt

Hair: *Ydea* Devil Outfit, group gift

.storybook. – Artemis Antlers – FatPack, The Fantasy Collective, 0 L$ gift (there are many more, look for the pumkins!)

Skin: Lumae :: Niska – Varda – Death Becomes Her, SLFO-gift, 0  L$

Moon Elixir – Raven Skull Choker,  The Fantasy Collective, 0 L$ gift

Superb Vampire Bat Wings, Marketplace, 1 L$

Vampire Fangs Freebie, Marketplace, 0 L$

2 responses to “Scare Me-Challenge – Day 6!”

  1. Blutsauger im Anfluuuuuuuuuug……Knoblauchzehen und Holzpflöcke ah ja da… Mist wo ist der Hammer? Kruzufix noch oamal…:)

    1. Laaangsam, nur keine Hektik. Is alles easy hier 🙂 Peace!

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