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Arrrrgh! There Be Pirates!

Quick! Grab your eye patch, your tricorne and your sabre, too!

Karima is about to set sail to the hidden treasure island and there be booty to be looted!

Look! There!

Making Port at Circe’s Sat. 1/12/19-6pmslt

Pirates Ahoy

Arrrgh’ll meet y’arrrrghll tharrrgh! *cough, cough*


3 responses to “Arrrrgh! There Be Pirates!”

  1. Hat dies auf Digital Rabbit Hole rebloggt und kommentierte:
    In an hour…There’s still time!!

  2. And what a shining pirate lass you be!

  3. All for my Capt’n, my Capt’n!

    (Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum …)

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