Grande Re-Opening Event at the Yúcale!

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… on the other end of the space-time continuum this happened:

The grande (re-)opening event of Yúcale Giramondi Virtlantis Region, hosted by Samum (Samiraa.adderstein) and Bacoo Balut. There was live music, there were DJs, there was poetry and there was Brecht. Bertolt Brecht.

Dreigroschenoper! Mackie Messer! Yay!

Lie to me, Surabaya Johnny

Surabaya Johnny

“You have no heart, Johnny, and I love you so!”

(“Nimm doch die Pfeife aus dem Maul, du Hund!”)

Hold my shark

… while I knife this guy!

Mack the Knife

Thank you for this!

I seriously had so much fun with this, what a great show! Thank you to all of the Nuvole Theatre, who made this happen 😀


Jenny's Pirates

Check out the video on Vimeo!

Natascha Randt also posted some thoughts about the event and awesome pics! Check it out!

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