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Episode 7 – Inside Out

Dear reader, it’s Halloween. In 2015, episode 7 was the Halloween special I wrote for Brightmetallic Magazine with the help of my friend and creative partner Natascha Randt. I admit, I hesitated to upload this episode again this year. Nat and I both skipped Halloween last year because Real LifeTM was already creepy enough. So what to do?

Some might feel, uploading this episode is in bad taste, as Nat passed only two months ago. On the other hand, when we took the photos for this in 2015 we had such a blast! And as our mutual friend Karima Hoisan put it in her blog, Nat was like that: always in for a joke and always a bit over the top. We even did a Halloween ‘Scare Me’ photo challenge back then which ended with the spookiest fashion show ever! So, after giving it some thought, I feel that if I could ask Nat’s opinion now she’d say, “Heck, yeah, let’s do it!”

And isn’t this what Halloween is also about? Going over the top, making light of what scares us so we can cope. There are times when that is quite alright.

So, buckle up–here comes episode 7 of The Adventures of Nat & Joey:

Inside Out

Fly high!

4 responses to “Episode 7 – Inside Out”

  1. Wow! Really Creepy for sure joey!! but well done and suspenseful! I agree, Nat would have totally approved. Halloween was a favorite time of hers:) The sounds as well as the visual worked so well together. Happy Halloween from a seasonal vampire who has known to enjoy the darkside at times:) Good work!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! That’s high praise coming from you 😍 Happy Halloween to you too 👻

  2. Agggh! Perfect for Halloween, and so impactful in multiple ways. Well made, and Nat would have been delighted. 🎃🧟‍♀️

    1. Ty so much Dale! This short little thing gave me some headaches😉 but I’m glad it worked out. I think Nat would like it too 👻

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